The Kingdom of 109

An absolute monarchy dedicated to the preservation of traditional mathematics
109 Awards

Best Explainer
1st: Ryan Riggins
2nd: Jenny Ryu
3rd: Dheethya Balaji
5th: Andrew Chen
6th: Kalan Warusa

Best Penmanship
1st: Luke Callanen
2nd: Jenny Ryu
3rd: Sonia Qiao
5th: Daniel Kim
6th: Alice Kim

Biggest Mouth
1st: Arya Goswami
2nd: Colin Heinitz
3rd: Daniel Kim
5th: Clement Ding
6th: Logan Shundi

Most Improved
1st: Inez Pong
2nd: Mackenzie Taylor
6th: Nicole Purevtugs

Best Student
1st: Michelle Lin
2nd: Joyce Gong
3rd: Ruby Trent
5th: Sophia Hou
6th: Delaney Raptis