The Kingdom of 109

An absolute monarchy dedicated to the preservation of traditional mathematics

The 109 Times

November 2014
February 2015
April 2015
June 2015

1st: Zain Mirza, Zain Zahir, George Cao
2nd: John Godwin, Ishaan Kathuria, Sean Wei
3rd: Brandon Torng, Sunho Oh, Ava Rotondo
4th: Tayae Rogers, Zach Anderson, Sherrie Feng
5th: Brandon Ou, Katharine Walker, Eli Sporn
LT: Eli Sporn, Jenica Fichadia, Yasemin Akin, Wonsup Song


Andrew Swenson, Alex Surratt, Kristen Waagner, Rafael Perez


Caitlin Cunningham

Chief of Staff

Matthew Lindeman

General of the Air Force

James Chen

109 Awards

Best Explainer
1st: Alex Kao-Sowa
2nd: James Veccia
3rd: Brandon Torng
4th: Tayae Rogers
5th: Robert Chitic-Patapievici

Best Penmanship
1st: Yurim Kim
2nd: Emily Gaw
3rd: Parsa Abedi
4th: Melanie Chen
5th: Megan Li

Biggest Mouth
1st: Alex Kao-Sowa
2nd: Justin Feng
3rd: Jonathan Tseng
4th: Jeffrey Pei
5th: Eli Sporn

Most Improved
1st: Yasmin Akhtar
2nd: Liam Gilpin
3rd: Sean Hutchinson
4th: Jack Dempsey
5th: Sevval Gulhan

Best Student
1st: Seowon Choi
2nd: Andrew Li
3rd: Ava Rotondo
4th: Sherrie Feng
5th: Brandon Ou
K109 History 2014-15

Crown Prince Kieran 

In June, Kieran Maximos was crowned Prince of 109 before a large crowd in 209.  The faithful 109ers sang the anthem as the royal family (including grandma) entered.  Speaking for the prince, Mr. Huang and Queen Stephanie pledged to raise Kieran Maximos to be faithful to 109 and its citizens.  

Foreign Relations Turmoil

2014-15 was probably the most tumultuous period of foreign relations in 109 history.  R.A.S.P., a faction within neighboring 210, through messages, began to threaten 109 with force if 109 did not succumb to them.  Mr. Huang would not relinquish any sovereignty to any nation, let alone a faction that was not recognized by its nation's current head (Mr. Williams).

However, the threats kept coming, including threats of assassination during Prince Kieran's coronation.  Hence, several weapons manufacturers including Miller Holliner, Ashley Zhang, and Eric Chen began to prepare for war.

Meanwhile, 109 ally Ms. Hughey launched psy-ops, changing the hearts and minds of would-be combatants from 210 through the use of cute pictures of kittens.  Apparently, the combined use of military strength and cuteness did the trick.  By the end of 4th quarter, R.A.S.P. had backed off and 109ers could breathe a sigh of relief.

R.A.S.P. Continues to Cause Trouble

After the threat of war was over, R.A.S.P. continued to cause havoc.  After kidnapping 109 weapons manufacturer Miller Hollinger, they replaced him with a Hollinger robot who claimed that he had pretended to be R.A.S.P. and wrote all of the supposed correspondence from R.A.S.P. to 109.  Naturally, 109 saw through this trick and incarcerated the robot.  The search for the real Miller Hollinger continues.