K109 History 2012-13

Treaty with Starship Inquiry

109 signed its third-ever treaty of alliance with another nation.  This time the nation was not even one on earth with boundaries.

The 109 Exchange

In 2012, the kingdom instituted its first market known as the 109 Exchange.  For the first time, 109 merchandise ​was on sale for prices determined by the market.  At first, The Exchange accepted many different forms of currency including US dollars, euro, British pounds and Czech kopeks.  The exchange also accepted kleenex boxes, pencils and erasers.

Princess Stephanie

​On May 18, Mr. Huang proposed to Princess Stephanie of Putnam County.  The betrothal ensured the first-ever queen of 109, though Mr. Huang still had to decide whether Princess Stephanie would become queen consort or full queen.  The wedding was scheduled for November 2013.
The Kingdom of 109 : An unvonventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109

1st: Helena Hatanpaa, Erin Villaronga, Brad Kim, Noah Daniel
3rd: Eric Liu, Alex Wang, Neeraj Prasad, Alvand Moini
4th: Charlie Selph, Harry Jung, Minyoung Hwang, Katherine Cheng
5th: Brendan Tan-Fahed, Sneha Kripanandan, Katherine Lan, Ryan Hanusik
6th: Daniel Meakem, Sean Clancy, Austin Zhang, Nithin Vijayajumar
LT:  Adam Yee, Ethan Wu, James Gao, Oskar Wells


​Ayush Pamecha, Alex Marwaha


Teddy Daniel, Noah Daniel

Skill Drills Champion

Harry Jung - 15

109 Awards

Best Explainer
​1st: Anna Zhang
3rd: Fatima Gunter-Rahman
4th: Katherine Cheng
5th: Arthur Browne
6th: Alexa Fermin

Best Penmanship
​1st: Linda Diaz
3rd: Jason Wang
4th: Jill Gollob
5th: Joshua Kim
6th: Nicole Liebeler

Best Student
​1st: Anneka Noe
3rd: Devon Wood-Thomas
4th: Katherine Cheng
5th: Maggie Bujor
6th: Gyongjae Kim

Biggest Mouth
​1st: Alice Liu
3rd: Haoyuan Sun
4th: Owen Barnett
5th: Ethan Wu
6th: Austin Zhang

Most Improved
1st: Alice Liu
4th: Nathan Vollertsen
5th: Hyongweon Park
6th: Henry Kline