K109 History 2011-12

In the fall of 2011, The Powers-That-Be offered the Kingdom of 109 the land of 209, a mountainous region adjacent to the Southern Sea.  His citizens starving in the arid Villas, Mr. Huang accepted this new land.  

Mangoes were not native to 209, so the 109ers replanted mango trees they had carried with them to Villa 52.  

"209 is beautiful, and I give thanks to the Powers-That-Be, but it is still not home," said Mr. Huang.  "The older generation still dreams of 109 and the dreams tickle the ears of their sleeping children.  The dream will not die."

In June 2012, Mr. Huang began the tradition of marching around Longfellow, stopping at four points of interest to 109: 

1. The Great Field where 109 defeated the zombie army of Calamito and Morris
2. The hill that overlooks The Villas
3. Farewell Corner
4. The Office of the Powers-That-Be, the original 109

At stop #4, 109ers sing the national anthem to remind the PTB that one day, 109 will return to its home.

An extreme faction of 109ers known as the Ben-Armen, began to call for an invasion of the offices of the PTB to take back 109 by force.  Mr. Huang convinced Ben-Armen that the time for military force had not yet come and may never come.  

"We are talking to the PTB.  We may turn to force when all other avenues have been exhausted," he said.
The 109 Times

November 2011
February 2012
April 2012
June 2012
The Kingdom of 109 : An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109

1st: Emily Swett, Jee Ho Ha, Gabriela Gresenz, Sydney Hallisey
3rd: Tiger Zhang, Ryan Golant, Emilio Sison, Jesse Cai
4th: Diana Zavela, Mike Killion, Nate Lavoy, Shannon Chu
5th: Habib Karaky, Alex Fan, Grace Lee, Siri Fredriksen
6th: Crystal Zhao, Aazrin Mir, Helen Ngov, Jameson O'Donnell


Gabriela Gresenz, Michael Surratt, Hannah Scanlon

Skill Drills Champion

Deniz Atak - 19

109 Awards

Best Explainer
​1st: Tim Wu
3rd: Emilio Sison
4th: Will Baxley
5th: Jinwook Hwang
6th: Aazrin Mir

Best Penmanship
​1st: Sydney Hallisey
3rd: Emilio Sison
4th: Shannon Chu
5th: Nathalie
​6th: Susie Choi

Best Student
​1st: Alex Simons
3rd: Tiger Zhang
4th: Emily Stranne
5th: Habib Karaky
6th: Crystal Zhao

Biggest Mouth
​1st: Gabi Gresenz
3rd: Jesse Cai
4th: Mike Killion
5th: Jinwook Hwang
6th: Mary McMahon

Most Improved
1st: Roxie Mosavian
4th: Lillie Saba
5th: Arshan
6th: Jameson O'Donnell