K109 History 2009-10

​The Search for Dr. Donut and the One Donut

While the Heptumvirate looked after 109, Mr. Huang's search took him from the mountains of the Pacific northwest to the monasteries of Greece to the timeless cities of Europe. However, it was not until he was back in McLean that he caught a break. During the blizzard of 2010, a storm which Calamito caused himself, Mr. Huang received a message that he was close. When the weather broke, with a 109 commando unit, he tracked Calamito to Burke Lake Park. A high-speed chase ensued. The commando unit managed to corner Calamito. They tied him up and sent the One Donut back to Mrs. Kihm at Longfellow. However, Mr. Gorgia hypnotized Mrs. Kihm with the Crystal Ball and took the One Donut for himself.

When Mr. Huang returned to Longfellow with Calamito in tow, he was ambushed by Mr. Gorgia. After being freed, Calamito demanded the One Donut from Gorgia, but instead, Gorgia took off with it. Calamito gave chase, and Mr. Huang pursued both of them. At a mountaintop, Gorgia and Calamito were knocked unconscious when the One Donut touched the Crystal Ball. Mr. Huang caught up with them, picked up the One Donut and threw it into the construction site where Officer Morris buried it with a bulldozer. The One Donut was gone forever.
The 109 Times

*Due to Mr. Huang's search for Dr. Donut, the 109 Times did not print during the 2009-2010 year.
The Kingdom of 109 : An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109
The Heptumvirate

Timo Sheridan
Jonathan Leidenheimer
​Carrie Murton
Leah Surratt
Mya Abousy
Hayley Wenk
Joe Downs

*There were no flagbearers, datemasters, Skill Drills or 109 awards given during the 2009-10 year.