K109 History: 2008-09

The Return of Calamito

In 2008-09, the shadow of evil once again entered Longfellow. Officer Morris, now rehabilitated, began to act strangely after eating a batch of doughnuts. He kept mumbling something about someone named Dr. Donut. Meanwhile, Mr. Gorgia and Ms. Shemonsky were hold suspicious closed-door meetings. When Mr. Bradford tested the doughnuts, he found they were tainted, and developed an antidote. After taking the antidote, Officer Morris revealed that it was Mr. Calamito, posing as Dr. Donut, who was infiltrating Longfellow yet again, and this time, he had help from Shemonsky and Gorgia. Meanwhile, Shemonsky turned her back on Dr. Donut when it was clear he would not pay her what she wanted for her trouble. Mr. Gorgia and Calamito had her frozen to keep her silent. Mr. Bradford and Mr. Cheney eventually found a way to free her.

The One Donut

Then Mr. Bradford, Mr. Cheney, Officer Morris and Mr. Huang met Calamito at the front doors of Longfellow. It was then that Mr. Calamito revealed to them the secret of the One Donut, a powerful weapon hidden within Longfellow's walls. He tempted the four men with dreams of grandeur with that powerful weapon, and while they were dreaming, he snuck in and found the donut's hiding place in the Kingdom of 109.  

After Mr. Huang came to from his dream, he caught up to Calamito in 109. However, with his twisted words of temptation, Calamito was able to convince Mr. Huang to help him pull the One Donut from its place of rest. Calamito took the One Donut, promising the weakened Mr. Huang to return it to him. As luck would have it, Mr. Calamito tripped and dropped the One Donut. Mr. Bradford, Officer Morris and Mr. Cheney all dove for it. Mr. Huang appeared and convinced them to give it to him, but Mr. Huang was still under Calamito's thrall. He handed the object to him, and Calamito vanished.

Mr. Huang, full of guilt, vowed to find Calamito and the One Donut. He left the flag in Mr. Cheney's safekeeping, and he left a council of seven 109 citizens, The Heptumvirate, to watch over 109 in his absence.
The Kingdom of 109 : An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109

1st: Burke Bartow, Hussain Jaffery, Timo Sheridan, Nick Heo
3rd: Michael Anthony, Brian Lee, Brian Henderson, Gordon Trainor
4th: Peter Price, Alex Dalzell, Arlan Jaska, Katie Ho
5th: Care Shoaibi, Vincent Neri, Molly Hurlbut, Caroline Mannon
6th: Melanie Norton, Muna Sigdel, Miranda Matheny, Marjorie Tolsdorf


Rick Bailey, Ashley Kim, Abi Anderson, Edwin Vargas

Skill Drills Champion

Care Shoaibi - 18

109 Awards

Best Explainer
​1st: Hannah Pho
3rd: Carrie Murton
4th: Alex Dalzell
5th: Hayley Wenk
6th: Mara Corbett

Best Penmanship
​1st: Rebecca Ho
3rd: Brian Lee
4th: Hyae In Seo
5th: Leah Surratt
6th: Marjorie Tolsdorf

Biggest Mouth
​1st: Armen Beck
3rd: Robbie Hefferson
4th: Parker Won
5th: Vincent Neri
6th: Ramzi Sobhani

Most Improved
1st: Sara Mojarrad
4th: Jake Huber
5th: Joe Downs
6th: Vik Oskarsson

Best Student
​1st: Ashley Kim
3rd: Joseph Park
4th: Ho Joon Lee
5th: Nisha Swarup
6th: Miranda Matheny