K109 History: 2007-08

The Liberation of Tieland

In 2007-08, a darkness arose in Longfellow. The Evil Officer Morris and Mr. Calamito, bored good-for-nothings, thought it would be fun to hypnotize Mr. Cheney's citizens and lock Mr. Cheney in a closet. A year earlier, Mr. Cheney's land, the Nation of Tieland, a democratic nation, had signed a treaty of alliance with the Kingdom of 109. When Mr. Huang received news of the takeover, he mobilized the 109 Army and went to free Mr. Cheney himself. When Mr. Huang and Mr. Cheney were reunited with the 109 Army on the Great Field, the army of Tieland zombies, gathered by Morris and Calamito were also there.  

Morris and Calamito demanded Cheney back, but Mr. Huang refused. When Morris and Calamito mocked the power of 109, Mr. Huang responded with the now most famous statement in 109 history: "You're small potatoes to us!" After a rousing war speech by Mr. Huang, the 109 Army charged with all their might. Morris and Calamito abandoned ther zombie army and fled back to Tieland. They did not know that Mr. Huang had already asked the Powers-That-Be, now led by Mrs. Kihm, to wait there in ambush. After the 109 Army cured the Tieland zombies, Mrs. Kihm turned the evil duo over the Mr. Huang and Mr. Cheney who hypnotized them and forced them to dance for everyone's entertainment.
The 109 Times

November 2007
February 2008
April 2008
June 2008
The Kingdom of 109 : An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109

1st: Carlyle Howard, Brian Comey, Alanna Dent, Kennedy O'Donnell
4th: Billy Nguyen, Varun Kumar, Billy Rieger, Allen Shi
5th: Rachel Dyment, Namita Kansal, Peter Price, Luke Morell
6th: Naomi Crossley, Emily Gurian, Naveed Mostaghimi, Naveed Mostaghimi
7th: Andrew Awad, Tamara Giorgadze, Tina Anwyll, Erin Howard


Alanna Dent, Julia Henderson, Carlyle Howard, Brian Comey

Skill Drills Champion

Maggie Engler, Christina Woo - 15

109 Awards

Best Explainer
​1st: Julia Henderson
4th: Billy Rieger
5th: Cyrus Malekpour
6th: Aaron Ahlgrimm
7th: Jake Robie

Best Penmanship
​​1st: Chris Vignali
4th: John Chae
5th: Isabella Liu
6th: Kevin Tan
7th: Tina Anwyll

Biggest Mouth
​​1st: Kennedy O'Donnell
4th: Varun Kumar
5th: Polina Tamarina
6th: Ahmed Skaljic
7th: Trent McDaniel

Most Improved
​1st: Maggie Kannan
5th: Monica Ennis
6th: Aaron Ahlgrimm
7th: Andaleeb Hazra

Best Student
​​1st: Colin Rapson
4th: Yuqing Zhang
5th: Jiwon Yang
6th: Kartik Gupta
7th: Christina Woo