K109 History 2006-07

The 109 Website

In the fall of 2006, the kingdom launched its own website for the purposes of informing the world of 109's values and news.  Within three months, the site had 1000 hits and only 120 of those hits belonged to Mr. Huang.
The Kingdom of 109 : An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109

1st: Zayd Farah, Eric Keimkuhler, Thomas Van Wazer, Robby Clark 
3rd: Robin Hinson, Sean Kim, Amandine Thomas, Hitoshi Koshiya
4th: Seungin Sohn, Andrew Kim, Adam Hood, In-Young Cho
5th: Nolen Ramminger, Yuriko Salmon, Danielle Cho, Robbie Koch
7th: Brian Lichliter, Chae Won Lee, Ethan Gaba, Vishnu Tallapragada


Kourtney Eskins, Catherine Ayres, Tom Cresce, Zayd Farah

Skill Drills Champions

Kristina Hu - 8
Hitoshi Koshiya* - 10 

* Hitoshi won for 8th grade Algebra Skill Drills

109 Awards

Best Explainer
​1st: Alex Dalzell
3rd: Maggie Pauliukonis
4th: In Young Cho
5th: Mario Fidalgo
7th: Will Yates

Best Penmanship
​1st: Eric Leimkuhler
3rd: Amandine Thomas
4th: Adam Hood
5th: Hannah Mayberry
7th: Sarah Hoshikawa

Biggest Mouth
​1st: Zayd Farah
3rd:Andrey Tretyak
4th: Seungin Sohn
5th: Robbie Koch
7th: Will Yates

Best Student
​1st: Catherin Ayres
3rd: Sohyeun Chun
4th: Andrew Kim
5th: Graham Lobel
7th: Brian Lichliter