K109 History: 2003-04

The Landing

In 2003, the Powers-That-Be, led by Mr. Lynch, saw fit to finally give Mr. Huang a land of his own, known as 109. On the backs of two turtles, Mr. Huang landed on the western beach near a mango tree. Stabbing the sand with the Staff of Gandalf, a personal gift from the Grey Wizard himself, Mr. Huang immediately declared an absolute monarchy over all of 109, and the Kingdom of 109 was born. News of the new kingdom spread. Emissaries from various nations came to greet the new king. In particular, the king and queen of Octopus Land came bearings gifts including an ancient relic of Pi they discovered in the deepest parts of the ocean.

The Phoss

109 was not uninhabited.  The Phoss (pronounced Fos) were nomadic tribes who lived off the land and meditated on the meaning of life.  They avoided cities and schools, but they were very wise.  Many city-dwellers sought out Phoss elders for personal advice.  

When Mr. Huang established the Kingdom of 109, he directed his citizens to not disturb the Phoss way of life.  

The Seven Jewels

Mr. Williams and other teachers told him of the Seven Jewels of the Sandi. As a youth, Mr. Huang thought the Seven Jewels merely legend, but now he was convinced that they were indeed real. The Sandi had created the jewels that literally encapsulated the seven pillars of civilization: logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, art, rhetoric and grammar.  The Sandi had given the jewels to the Powers-That-Be for protection.  The PTB in turn charged all nations of Longfellow with the task of helping to protect the Seven Jewels.
The Kingdom of 109   An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics
"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes."   - The National Anthem of the Kingdom of 109
1st period Honors Math 7
3rd period Honors Math 7
4th period A2 Trig
5th period Math 7
7th period Math 7
* Flagbearers, datemasters and 109 Awards had not been established yet