The Kingdom of 109  An unconventional monarchy preserving traditional mathematics

"Not small potatoes, not small potatoes, we are not small potatoes." - National anthem of the Kingdom of 109
K109 History: 2002-03

The Return

After facing many trials abroad, Mr. Huang chose to return to Longfellow in 2002. However, by now, most of the Powers-That-Be and kings and queens had either been killed in battle, died naturally or left Longfellow. Though he was of royal lineage, he was given no land of his own. For a year, he lived as a nomad, traveling the trade routes between 210 and The Mod. During that time, Mr. Huang survived with help from Mr. Williams, Ms, Pelosi, Mr. Fontz and Mrs. Postlethwait, a Longfellow princess herself.